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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Tried and Tested Tuesday (Baby powder to make lashes longer/thicker)

Hi everyone!
So here's another Tried and Tested Tuesday! This time I am trying out something I've heard forever- baby powder to make your lashes thicker. I have seen this so many times on Pinterest but actually never tried it for some reason. So I guess it's time I put it to the test. I do naturally have long lashes and I am a mascara junkie so I will always find a mascara that works well to lengthen and build volume but if you need a little help, I would recommend this trick. I was surprised at how well it actually worked. 

So here I just applied one coat of mascara to my top lashes, then before it dried, I dusted a bit of baby powder across them with a small face brush. 

One coat of mascara

Then I applied another coat of mascara to cover up the baby powder and here's the result: 

Mascara, baby powder and another coat of mascara

Not bad right? Ok so here's a few more pictures just to show you what a difference it makes. 

On top: My left eye has a coat of mascara, baby powder and another coat of mascara. My right eye has only one coat of mascara.

Before and after, baby powder to thicken lashes

And the before and after side by side. I think this works well considering there's not much to it. I'm personally too lazy to go through the effort but I would say it works if you want to try it out. It's not exactly fiber lashes or anything but it does add a bit of volume. I only dusted a light layer, I didn't get crazy with it so that might make a difference if you keep layering. All in all this is a good tip to try. Anyone else tried this or do this daily? Let me know if there's something you'd like me to try on my Tried and Tested Tuesday series! 

Friday, April 10, 2015

Colorful spring makeup look (pictorial)

This post contains affiliate links. This means that I get a small commission at no cost to you when you choose to make a purchase through the links provided. 

Happy Friday guys! 
How's everyone doing? Anyone else's week feel like it was about 10 days long? lol. I'm ready for the weekend! Anyway, I realized I hadn't posted any makeup on here in a bit so I figured it was the perfect time to do something fun for spring. 

I bought this palette a while ago from Forever 21 and have used it a few times but decided to pull it out for this look. If you have never shopped at Forever 21, they have a ton of cute beauty items all pretty inexpensive. I know the store is not located in every city so you might want to check out their website unless there is one close to you. 

Forever 21 Love and beauty eye shadow palette

Forever 21 Love and beauty eye shadow palette

Here are the colors I used. I swatched all of these in direct sunlight. 

Swatches of the Forever 21 Love and beauty eye shadow palette

The color pay off is pretty good considering what you're paying for this palette. If you want the colors more vibrant, I suggest using some type of glitter glue. ELF (eyeslipsface) makes one that is only $2.00 and works really well. 

Militaryandmakeup colorful spring makeup pictorial

Don't mind my brows. I of course tried something new and they look all greasy. 

So I started with the light blue shade on the inner 1/2 of my lid and the dark purple on the outer 1/2.
I used the light purple (lilac) color to blend these two out just at the crease. 
I added the teal color just in the center of my lid and used the darkest blue in my crease (the outer V). 
I kept adding more shadow until it was as dark as I wanted. 
I also used the dark purple on my lower lash line and the teal as well. 
I lined my upper lash line with the ELF Cream eyeliner in black and then went over it with Jordana's Color Envy Waterproof liquid eyeliner in Menthe Passion. 
Then I curled my lashes and added some mascara. I also added some white eyeliner to my waterline. 

Jordana Color Envy Waterproof liquid eyeliner in Menthe Passion
This eyeliner is serious! It does not move once it sets. They have a ton of colors as well- go try it out! 

So that's it, something different, for me at least and I thought it came out pretty for spring. I love this eyeliner, it is such a pretty shade and looks a bit glittery over the black. What do you guys think? What are your favorite shadows to wear for spring? 

Militaryandmakeup Colorful spring makeup

I paired this with my NYX Butter gloss in Peach Cobbler. Anyone have any suggestions for colorful spring/summer makeup? I'm trying to wear more colors! Leave them in the comments below! 
Enjoy your weekend! 

Friday, April 3, 2015

Makeup swap scam (and some good stuff)!!!

Alright guys so this is a bit of a different post for me. I just wanted to get this out and warn of the extremely crazy people out there! 

I was contacted by this girl via Instagram who wanted to do a makeup swap with me. Luckily, I only agreed to $25 and thought it was a good idea because she said she was overseas, in France. Well who doesn't want makeup from other countries? So like I said, I agreed to buy $25 worth of makeup and she would do the same and then we'd mail it to each other. Sort of like a pen pal type thing. Now, I know a lot of people do this and I've seen other people on youtube successfully swap gifts but this time, this was not a swap. I unfortunately fell into a scam!

I did have a gut feeling that it might not be such a great idea and even thought, well maybe I'll just wait for her package to arrive before I mail mine. I eventually gave in and said, you know what? Maybe there are some decent people out there who really just want to swap and make friends, so I decided to do it. 

Like I said, we agreed on a price and within a week, she had sent me a message saying she had mailed my package. Just a few days later, I mailed mine to her and because I was sending it overseas, it was too expensive to insure/track so I opted for regular mail thinking, I hope it gets there. I sent her a message letting her know I had mailed it. So a few days passed and I kept thinking about this girl and how random it was for her to contact me. When I mentioned it to my husband his first words were "sounds like a scam." Great right? So I decided to do a little searching through Instagram and online (you can find anything online) and found that other girls were being scammed by her!

So many others had sent her packages and received nothing in return!! I couldn't believe how many there were, how much money had been lost and how many people she had contacted although some of them turned her down. I started talking to some of these other girls and found out she had not only stole photos from a real French blogger and set up a fake Instagram account, but she was only 16! OMG 16!!! I could not believe it!!

Well a few of the girls had been in touch with her and I assume scared her enough into sending items back to the original people. She said she was going to return everything and make good on her part. Again, I sent her a message saying that I wanted my stuff back in the original packaging or new items like we had agreed on in the first place. She told me she would be refusing any packages that came to her house so it should get sent back to me. So I waited.....

5 long weeks later guess what? I got my package back! The wrapping was not in good shape but everything inside was perfect, just as I sent it. Yay! Nothing broken or touched! I was so relieved to get it back considering I didn't even think it would get there to begin with and then finding out all of this after I had mailed it. I have to say, I have met some pretty amazing ladies in the process of all of this so at least some good has come out of it. I can't believe there are still people like this in the world! Not only that but kids acting this way and doing this stuff! Parents- please be accountable for your children and know what's going on in their lives and social media!!!

I think everyone has learned their lesson, or hopefully. Anyway, with all that being said, I am just so happy to have received my items back that I am doing a giveaway! Everything is brand new so to put out some good Karma- I'm giving them away! If you want to know how to enter the giveaway for a chance to win some makeup goodies, check out my Instagram. I promise, it's easy to win. Open until Sunday, April 12, 2015. US only.

Here are the items: 10 Items in all, just a few things I love from the drugstore!

Hopefully this shed some light and awareness on this subject, please be aware of people on Instagram or the internet in general, you never know who you could be talking to. Now go enter my giveaway!  Until next time...

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Tried and tested Tuesday (How to dry nail polish faster)

Hey guys! 
So this is a new series I decided to start called Tried and Tested Tuesday. I got this idea from reading a response to a comment I had written on another beauty blog. The post was about methods of drying nail polish quickly. Well I'm not an expert but I am a licensed nail tech and have worked for many years with clients in different salons. I commented that nail polish dries quicker with warmth because of the solvents that are in it and someone else replied to me saying that that doesn't work and will melt the polish. Ok, so everyone has their opinions but the way she said it was really rude. She even said something like, "that wasn't even what the post was about- it's on how to get it to dry faster." Ok now I know everyone has their own methods and ways of doing things but I seriously commented as a legit tip and this girl was just being rude. Isn't that the point of blogs and such? Everyone helps and comments for a reason right? I don't understand the need to be rude to people. That is the worst quality anyone can have.

So anyway if you watch YouTube or follow beauty blogs I'm sure you've noticed all the beauty tips that are out there. Even if you don't, you always hear people talking about different DIY's or tips for this, that and the other. Well, I figured with so many being out there, I'd put them to the test and see if some of these really work. I don't know how many times I've been on Pinterest and thought, I should try that but of course I never do so now's the chance to do it. If you guys have any beauty tips you'd like for me to try, let me know in the comments and I will test it out!

With all that being said, I figured my first Tried and Tested of this series should be on a method of drying nail polish faster! Now one that I've heard over and over and my mom even told me she used to do this back in the day is to put your freshly polished hands into a bowl of ice cold water. Crazy right? She said she thought it worked then but hasn't tried it in about 20 years. I have heard this from other clients before though so today, we're trying it.

Here's a before, yes my nails are full of ridges and are not in great shape:

Here's my freshly polished fingers. I also have a bit of acrylic on my middle finger so that's why it looks weird:

Here's how I tested this method. I polished my left hand with a base coat, two color coats and top coat then I let it dry for one minute then submerged it in the ice cold water for two minutes. After the two minutes was up, I took my hand out and dried it a bit and then just tapped my nails with my finger as you would to check and see if they were dry. Nope. Still tacky and the last nail I polished was still gooey actually. I let them dry (out of the water) for another 1-2 minutes and tapped them again- still tacky.

Here's what my nails looked like after I touched them to see if they were dry:

Nail polish result- ice cold water

I don't know if you can see it that well but my first finger and thumb are smudged and my other nails had finger prints.

The only way to test this for me anyway is to see how well the heat dries the polish as well. So, after that I took off the polish and re-polished my hand the same way, base coat,  two color coats and top coat and let that dry for one minute. I then used my hair dryer on the low setting and dried it for two minutes. Again, I used my finger just to tap the polish- still tacky! Again, I let it air dry for 1-2 minutes and tapped again- still a bit tacky.

Here's an after:

Nail polish result- warm air

The same thing happened, my thumb smudged.

It seems this cold water method works the same as heat but you know what? I prefer my hands to be in warm air instead of ice cold water. I didn't think that either method dried it FAST though. Any time I read about this ice cold water method, the article would say if you are in a rush, place your hands in ice cold water and the polish will dry quicker. I wouldn't say it dries quicker. If you polish your nails and don't have time for them to dry, they will be ruined, there's no quick method of drying them.

Now here's a few things to consider:

 I used a regular top coat, not matte, not quick drying and I didn't use anything else on top like oils or anything so I would assume if you use a different top coat, that might help speed things up. 

I did try this WITHOUT using a top coat at all and they did dry a bit quicker. When I tapped them, they were dry to the touch so that was nice. So if you're going to try this, I would say skip the top coat. In general, if you don't put a top coat on your nails they will dry faster. 

So the verdict? Try something else! Just kidding. Seriously, I don't think that placing your hand in a bowl of ice water is better or faster than just letting your nails either air dry or placing them in warm air. I prefer the warmth but if you want to freeze your hand- go for it. I think either going without a top coat or using a quick dry would be much better if you are in a hurry and need your nails to dry faster. What do you guys think? Have you tried this ice water method before? Let me know if you have and if you had different results. Also, let me know what you'd like me to try next on my Tried and Tested Tuesday series. Thanks! 

Friday, March 27, 2015

Clinique vs Equate (Clairfying Lotion) Dupe alert!!

Hey everyone! Happy Friday!
Are you guys on Pinterest? If not, you should be. There are so many good resources on there and so much you can find. I actually saw this on Pinterest a while ago but wasn't sure when these products would be available. If you don't know what I'm talking about, search Pinterest or the internet but recently Equate, Walmart's brand has come out with dupes for a lot of the Clinique skincare line. I'm not exactly sure how many they have but I have seen a moisturizer, wrinkle serum, cleanser, and dark spot corrector. If you search their website or just check at the store, you will find a whole bunch of items. 

So I have been using Clinique's Clarifying Lotion 2 for almost 2 years probably and I absolutely love it. It cleans your skin really well and doesn't dry it out. I know this one is for dry combination skin and even though I would say my skin is a bit on the oily side, I haven't tried the number 3 or 4 because I don't want it to dry out my skin. (If it ain't broke don't fix it right? ) This one has been working for me and it feels like it really takes off any residue or anything left on my skin even after I've wash it. I haven't found anything better but Clinique is so hard to find anywhere. I have base privileges so any time I'm near a military base, I go there and buy it at the BX (base exchange) because I can usually get it for a few dollars cheaper. I know Ulta does not sell Clinique skincare items so if you want to purchase you have to do it online or at a big department store that carries it if there's one in your area. So anyway, it's not easy to just go out and get like most beauty products. 

Onto the Equate version- so yes, this is now available at Walmart and I saw it there a few weeks ago and decided to try it and see if it does work as well as my Clinique. The first thing I looked at- the ingredients! Look at this label people. These are the exact same ingredients!!! Word for word, it is the same product in a different bottle! The Equate version comes in a 13.5 oz bottle for $8.96. Clinique's version is only half the size 6.7 oz for $13.50.  If you purchase the bigger bottle of Clinique, 13.5 oz, it is $23.00.

Clinique vs Equate Clarifying lotion/toner

Equate Clarifying toner

Clinique vs Equate Clarifying lotion/toner Ingredients

Both of these products perform the same I would say. The smell has a very slight difference and for some reason the Equate version doesn't feel like it has as much alcohol. They both cleanse the skin the same, don't over dry, and your skin feels good after you use them.

If you already purchase Clinique skincare products, I would highly recommend you go check out the Equate dupes at Walmart. These are so much cheaper and the exact same product! I love Clinique's Clarifying lotion but from now on, I will be buy the Equate version and saving myself a little bit of extra cash. Have you guys seen these at your Walmart yet? Has anyone tried other products from the line? Let me know, thanks for reading! 

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Military life- Let's bridge the gap

Hey guys!
Well where should I start? What would you guys like to know? 

I started this blog thinking I would keep it simply based on makeup but since my blog name implies "military and makeup"; I wanted to start incorporating more posts about my "military life" and the military in general.

I am currently a military wife although I don't usually refer to myself as one. I am a Veteran. I served six years on active duty.

Just in the last week I read two articles about Veterans that made me think of something- "bridging the gap." What I mean is, I don't feel like the military world and civilian world are all that connected. A lot of people know someone in the military, have friends, family or grandparents who served but don't really know much about the military in general. I cannot tell you how many times I have told someone I'm in the Air Force and had them ask, "Oh, you fly planes?" Really? That gives me some indication that the civilian population is not that in tune with what the military does. I was the say way until I joined.

What's worse is that a lot of people don't consider females when it comes to the military. There have been countless times when people have been shocked to know that I was a military member or have been deployed. You wouldn't think that was the case now a days but it's true. I am the only female of my family and extended family to have served. (I have a huge family- we are Mexican. lol.) Yes, most of the classes/training I took while in the Air Force, I was the only female in the class or one of two out of 20. We are far and few between but regardless, serving in any branch, I feel military members should be recognized for what they do.

Anyway, so this being my first military post- I wanted to ask you guys, what would you like to know about the military? About being a military spouse? Let's bridge the gap here and talk to each other. Maybe you're thinking of joining or have always wanted to know X about something specific. Maybe you're boyfriend or girlfriend is in the military? Let me know in the comments or feel free to email me with questions. Also, HERE'S one of the articles I was talking about. Please let me know if you'd like me to continue with these types of posts- I know it's not makeup related but...
Thanks for reading! 

Friday, March 20, 2015

New Clinique Beyond Perfecting Foundation and Concealer Review/swatches

Hey guys! 
So I'm back with another review for you today. I have been using this foundation for about two weeks now and I absolutely love it. This is finally something I have been looking for- a full coverage foundation that lasts. If you're not into full coverage foundation- don't even read ahead, you won't like this one but if you are, you'll want to read on. 

The foundation I'm talking about is the new Clinique Beyond Perfecting Foundation and Concealer. Now, I do like my BB Creams for summer and drugstore foundations but I had not tried anything like this until now. Let me tell you, this foundation is so nice. I purchased this at Dillard's in my local mall and received a free gift but you can get this online or any place that sells the Clinique skincare line. It retails for $27.00 for 1 oz and is well worth it. 

I had seen an advertisement for this on Clinique's Instagram page and then kept seeing commercials for it and the free gift so I was like ok I have to get it. Before I tell you about the foundation, let me show you what I got in my gift set. 

Free gift with purchase

So this is what comes in the bag, you can choose either this violet set or a nude collection. It comes with an eye shadow duo plus blush, Chubby shadow stick, High impact mascara, lipstick, and their rinse off foaming cleanser and dramatically different moisturizing lotion. I think that in itself is worth the price. 

Here are some swatches of the blush, shadows, chubby stick and lipstick. To top it off, all this comes in this cute makeup bag. : )

Free gift with purchase of Clinique foundation

So now the foundation. The packaging is really pretty and clean. I like the applicator and that it has like a mouth on the bottle to avoid getting too much on the applicator. 

Clinique Beyond Perfecting foundation and concealer

Clinique Beyond Perfecting foundation and concealer

Clinique Beyond Perfecting foundation and concealer Ingredients

Clinique Beyond Perfecting foundation and concealer Ingredients

I went to the counter and had one of the girls there color match me so the color I purchased is Cream Chamois #7. I had her try a shade darker and the tone was a bit too yellow for me but this one actually matches me really well. They have 20 shades to choose from.

Clinique Beyond Perfecting foundation and concealer swatch

These are both in natural sunlight. When you first apply it, it looks really dewy and wet but dries to a nice matte finish. I used my beauty blender to apply this and that works really well. It can get cakey if you apply too much so use it sparingly but you don't really need a whole lot to get the full coverage. Here's my before and after. My skin is hating me right now so please excuse my before picture. I didn't touch these except to crop them so this is the real coverage. It did cover my redness, blemishes, scarring and pretty much everything else. I also used the trio I got in my gift set on my eyes. 

Clinique Beyond Perfecting Foundation and Concealer before/after

This does say that it's a foundation and concealer so I guess you could use it as both or either. Since it does have really good coverage, it does work well as a concealer on it's own.

Overall, this foundation is lovely. It feels light on the skin and not greasy at all. The wear time on this is a good 8 hours at least. It looks good from the time you put it on your skin until the time you wash it off. I only noticed a bit of shiny-ness on my forehead at the end of the day but my T-zone is oily. Since this is a matte foundation, I don't recommend it for anyone with dry skin. I found that it doesn't help any dry patches you might have on your face but for all my oily or normal people, this is great. I hope you guys give this a try, this is one of the best foundations I've tried in a while. It is a bit expensive but well worth it for what you're getting and this will easily last you months because you don't have to use much.

I hope you guys will go out and get this foundation, it's so nice plus the free gift is worth it alone. Let me know if you try it and what you think! : )

Friday, March 13, 2015

New Hard Candy Concealer Palette

Hey everyone!
Happy Friday! So I'm sure by now you've seen all the new stuff Hard Candy has put out. If you haven't, head to your nearest Wal-mart and check it out. They have put out a ton of new items for Spring including, concealers, foundation, eye liners, primers and a few other things. Here's just a few of the things I spotted a few weeks ago.

Hard Candy makeup Spring 2015 spotted at Walmart

Now, I'm kind of a concealer junkie so it was either this or the foundation and I had been eyeing another foundation so I picked up the concealer palette instead. I have tried different products from this line and have loved most of them but every now and then it seems like some of their products just don't do it for me. I do own their very popular Glamoflauge and love that along with some of their eye shadows, pencils, and highlighters but I have also purchased a few things I didn't like and unfortunately, this concealer palette is one of them.

This is what the packaging looks like. It comes in two shades, light medium and medium tan. It retails for $6.00 and is available exclusively at Wal-mart.

Hard Candy Sheer Envy Concealer/Corrector Palette

Here's what the description shows on the back of how to use each colored concealer. Yellow for dark circles, green for redness, lavender to brighten the skin and the last three shades to cover any other imperfections. 

It comes with this plastic overlay on top labeling each concealer and it also comes with a small brush. 

Hard Candy Sheer Envy Concealer/Corrector Palette

Hard Candy Sheer Envy Concealer/Corrector Palette

Now here's the swatches. I actually thought they were pretty well pigmented and they do show up on the skin like this. I like to use the yellow under my eyes to cover and brighten. The three skin tone shades don't seem to cover all that well though. It seems like they blend a little too well into the skin and kind of disappear instead of giving coverage. 

Hard Candy Sheer Envy Concealer/Corrector Palette Swatches

These feel kind of greasy in texture instead of creamy like they should be. Like I said, I use the yellow under my eyes and for the most part it does brighten a bit and looks pretty good once applied but after a few hours it seems like it makes that area look dry. I usually set my under eyes with just a bit of translucent powder and it seems like something with this concealer just clings to that powder. It looks really dry and flaky after a while. I don't know if it's the formula or what but I just did not like how it looked and I don't have dry skin. If anything, I'd say my skin is combo/oily.  I do moisturize my skin and under eyes before applying my makeup and used it the same way I use all my concealers but I just don't like this. Sorry! If you're looking for some good drugstore concealers, check out my  post on my top 5 concealers HERE.

If you want to try some of the other Hard Candy products, they do also have a brightening concealer pen that might work better. Has anyone else purchased this palette and loved it? Maybe it's just me but Hard Candy has plenty of other products I'd rather spend my money on. 

Friday, March 6, 2015

Too Faced Chocolate Bar Dupe (Makeup Revolution)

Hey everyone!
Well I'm sure most of you have probably seen this but I just recently got my hands on this palette and wanted to show you. This is the Makeup Revolution I heart Chocolate palette which is a dupe for the Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette. If you haven't heard of Makeup Revolution, they are a company in the UK that sells so many good products. They have tons of dupes for a lot of the high end palettes they sell here in the US. I actually won this I heart Chocolate Palette from a giveaway on Instagram. Seriously, go enter some giveaways right now, I'll wait. I'm usually the unluckiest person in the world, you know, I get behind the lady writing a check and price matching everything in the grocery store or have a baby throw up right next to my table at a restaurant while the waiter drops my plate of food on the floor (both true stories). So I was truly surprised when I won this palette. I actually follow BudgetBeautyBlog online and on Instagram- Jenna, is another great blogger with tons of good makeup stuff, swatches and such. If you are looking for more reviews- go follow her. : ) 

So anyway yeah, I was really surprised I won and I have been hearing/seeing so many things online about Makeup Revolution but never tried their products before so I was really excited to get this. I do own the Too Faced Chocolate Bar and have a full review on it HERE if you'd like to see that. I had heard this was a dupe but you know, sometimes you hear things and see swatches and think, that's not really a dupe; it's close but not the same. I'm here to tell you, this is the EXACT same palette for 1/4 of the price. The I heart Chocolate Palette is only $12.00 while the Chocolate Bar runs $49.00. If I knew this existed before I purchased mine, I would have gladly waited and bought it from Makeup Revolution.

So here are a few pictures so you can see what I'm talking about: 

Makeup Revolution I heart Chocolate Palette

Makeup Revolution I heart Chocolate Palette names

Makeup Revolution I heart Chocolate Palette

It does look almost exactly the same, one shadow is placed differently but basically the same layout. The outside looks just like a chocolate bar. In fact, my 5 yr old son saw this in my bathroom and said, "Mom why do you have candy in here?" He thought it was literally a chocolate bar and it does look good enough to eat! The thing I like about this palette is that it has a full size mirror and unlike the Chocolate Bar, the mirror stands up, making it a little easier to hold as you apply your eye shadow. The one downside to this palette? It doesn't smell the same as the Chocolate Bar. If you own the Chocolate Bar you know when you open it, you get that immediate smell of chocolate and this one really doesn't have a scent to it. 

Now, here are the swatches. I didn't swatch all of the them but seriously- can you tell which one is which?  My sister actually thought I swatched the same palette twice. 

Makeup Revolution I heart Chocolate Palette Swatches

On the left is the Too Faced Chocolate Bar and on the right is Makeup Revolution I heart Chocolate. The far left picture is taken in the shade and the middle is taken in natural sunlight. You can also see here side by side what the palettes look like. I would actually say that the I heart Chocolate has a few shades that seem to be just a bit more pigmented and the glitter in some show up more. The texture is about the same and they apply nicely. I like to use a glitter glue with the shimmery/glittery shades to get the full color but other than that they are great.

So there you have it, a complete dupe for the Too Faced Chocolate Bar. These shades are exactly the same and like I said, for 1/4 of the price. If you were thinking about buying the Chocolate Bar palette but just couldn't bring yourself to spending the money, buy the I heart Chocolate palette instead. Makeup Revolution has so many good palettes and plenty of dupes if you are looking for something else. They are in the UK so you'll have to switch the currency but they ship everywhere, check them out. Don't forget to check out Jenna's blog- http://www.budgetbeautyblog.com/. She ran a few other giveaways for Makeup Revolution products and has reviews on her site as well. If you have any questions, please ask!