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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

DIY Crayon lipstick

Hey guys!
Ok, I know what you're thinking... Did she really say Crayon lipstick? Seriously? Those were my exact thoughts when I heard of this DIY. I promise you, it's really cool. So cool you will be making these as soon as you're done reading this- at least that's what I did. : ) This DIY is super easy and you probably already have everything you need at home. The best part? You can make any color you ever wanted!

Now, I don't know how many of you have heard of this crayon lipstick thing but I have not seen it anywhere! I actually found out about it a few months ago and expected to see it all over Pinterest or other sites but haven't. So for all you who have never heard of it, this is gonna be a super quick and easy how-to DIY crayon lipstick tutorial.

Things you'll need:
Double boiler
Coconut oil
Crayons (any colors you like)
Skewer (or something to stir with)
Container (to put your lipstick in)

DIY Crayon lipstick- things needed

Start by measuring 1/2 teaspoon of coconut oil and putting that in your double boiler. Cut about a 1/4 of your crayon and peel the paper off. Add it to your coconut oil and turn on the heat to low. (If you want to mix colors, cut smaller portions. ) It won't take long for the two to melt together. Stir them up with your skewer to make sure the mixture is well combined. That's it. Pour it out into your container and wipe out the left over reside inside your bowl with a paper towel. (You DO NOT want to pour any left over mixture down the sink) Let your lipstick set up at room temperature or put it in the fridge to speed up the process.

Here are the colors I made for this tutorial. I used some single colors and a few combinations to create the shades I wanted.

Here's a few tips:

You can add your own personal touch to these by adding glitter (or using glitter crayons) or essential oils to give each one a unique look or scent.
You can use any container that will fit the product- try using a contact lens case, old lipstick container, or you can do as I did and use a weekly pill container (under $4 at Walmart). This works great because you can fit up to 14 different colors and each section pops out in pairs so you could travel with it if you wanted to : )
When pouring the mixture into your container, work quickly; It is such a small amount of product that it will set before you can get all of it in the container.
Apply the lipstick with your finger or a lip brush for a more precise application.
The possibilities are endless on colors- Crayola makes tons of different shades of each color so you can mix and match until you get your perfect shade.

For those of you that are wondering- Crayola crayons are non-toxic and made of paraffin wax and color pigments. They have recently released a statement saying that they do not recommend using their products as makeup or to be used on the skin. You can read it here if you'd like. I personally don't use these everyday, it's more of a fun DIY and there are far worse chemicals in the makeup/skincare products that I do use so I don't have an issue with it. If you do, I DO NOT recommend this DIY for you.

And now, the swatches:

Here's what they look like on my lips: 

As you can see, some of them are really pigmented. It's kind of a hit and miss depending on which colors you choose. The pastel purple shade only came off as gloss once I applied it to my lips but I was surprised by the black and white shades. All the rest were pretty bright, and I really liked the berry/red shade a lot. Which ones do you like? 

Has anyone tried this DIY? Are there any good color combos I should try? Let me know in the comments below. Thanks!

Friday, July 17, 2015

31 Days of beauty catch up

Hey guys! 
Sorry I've been slacking on my #31daysofbeauty challenge. Last weekend was my son's 2nd birthday so I had family here and I'm now just catching up on everything. : ) 

Family pict
Me and my boys : )

Birthday boy got too close to the candle and he had already stuck his fingers in the cake!

So I figured instead of blowing up Instagram with all the days I missed, I'd post them here. 

Day 11 What's on your nails

Here I am wearing L'Oreal Hint of Lavender, Sweet Nectar, and Garden Bouquet along with some stamping on my ring finger. This is from the spring collection that L'Oreal released at the beginning of the year. Anyone else buy these? 

L'Oreal What's on my nails. Hint of lavender

L'Oreal What's on my nails

Excuse my man hands and yes I do have acrylics on. ; )

Day 12 Worst Beauty Mistake

OMG well I'm sure we've all been here but I'd have to say wearing foundation that is like 5 shades too light for my skin tone! I remember using my sisters foundation when I was around 14. I wore it to school and looked completely ridiculous because one, I had applied way too much and two, it was so much lighter than my skin. What's your worst beauty mistake? 

Day 13 Best Hair Product

I rarely go all out with my hair but I do like the Batiste Dry Shampoo. This one comes in a dark shade so for all you brunettes, you won't see any white streaks with this one. I like this for days that I don't wash my hair and especially gym days because it actually gets that sweat and any smell out and leaves your hair with tons of volume. Try this one if you haven't already. : )  Also, the L'Oreal Blow Dry It primer spray is nice. It leaves your hair really soft and smells good. Check out my review on it HERE.

Day 14 Brows

I did a brow post not too long ago but have since already changed my routine. Anyone else change it up like every few months? I've been using the Covergirl Pow-der in two different shades, it's really easy to apply and faster (for me) at least. I use the light shade in the majority of my brow, brush that through and then use the darker shade with an angled brush on the tail of my brow. I use an old mascara wand to blend the front of my brow and add some Gimme Brow to set everything. (By the way, best product ever invented!!)

Brow routine, covergirl

Day 15 Guilty Pleasure

This one is hard but I'd have to say "boy bands." LOL. I was obsessed with Hanson from the time I was 12 (you know you liked them too) then went on to NSYNC throughout high school. My room was plastered with posters- you could not see an inch of wall in there and I had to buy anything having to do with them! Honestly, I still follow them on social media and listen to their music. : ) Love me some JC and Taylor Hanson! lol.

Day 16 What's in my bag- beauty

I honestly only carry a few things with me- beauty related anyway. I usually have some type of chapstick like this EOS Lip Balm in Sweet Mint. I have this old school bath and body works roller perfume in Twisted peppermint. I'm pretty sure they haven't sold these for a while but hey, you never know when you might need to smell good : ) I also carry this Aveda Blue Oil. I've had this forever too, got it when I used to go to school (nail school)- it was an Aveda salon. This is supposed to be used on pressure points to help relieve stress. It's nice to keep in my bag so I can rub a little on my wrists or behind my ears and it smells like peppermint. Yum. Lastly, I usually always have this NYX Butter gloss (the original) in Strawberry Parfait. This gives such a nice color and shine to the lips, and you don't need a mirror to apply so it's quick and easy.

What's in my bag- beauty

That's it guys! I will try and continue to finish up the #31daysofbeauty on my Instagram account and if not, you can find any days I missed here. Have you joined in yet? Let me know what are some of the things you carry in your bag or what your guilty pleasure is! Til next time...

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

31 Days of Beauty Challenge

Hey guys! 
Just wanted to let you all know about my #31daysofbeauty challenge that I'm doing on Instagram for the month of July. I thought it might be fun to do one of these so join me on Instagram if you'd like : )
You don't have to participate every single day but I thew in a few random days just for fun so they are not all makeup related. 

1. WCW (Woman crush Wednesday) 
        Who's your girl crush?
2. Best beauty hack 
       What's your best beauty tip? 
3. Purple   
        This can be a makeup look, products, or whatever you'd like to share : )
4. Favorite pink lip  
        Show us your favorite pink lipstick! 
5. Best underrated product   
        Know of a product that doesn't get much love but is awesome? Share it!
6. Skincare
        What's your current skincare routine? Any specific product that's amazing?
7. Brushes
        Favorite brushes? Brushes you use daily.
8. Holy Grail mascara/lashes
        What is your holy grail mascara or favorite pair of lashes to wear?
9. Best ELF Products
        EyeslipsFace- What are some of your favorites from this line?
10. Favorite movie
          This one is easy- well maybe ; )
11. What's on your nails
           What do you have on your nails currently? Colors? Nail art? 
12. Worst beauty mistake
           Did you rock that blue eye shadow up to your brows when you were 13? What's your worst beauty mistake you wish you could go back and change?
13. Best hair product
          What is the best product you use for your hair? 
14. Brows
          Products, brow routine, everything brows! 
15. Guilty pleasure
          Song? Movie? Something you love even though you get made fun of for it or are embarrassed by it?
16. What's in my bag- beauty
          Show us the beauty products you carry in your bag/purse on the go.
17. No 1 bronzer
          What's your favorite bronzer and why?
18. Most unusual beauty product you own
         Use something different in your daily routine? Share with us what it is!
19. Wishlist
          What's on your beauty wishlist?
20. Green
          Again, anything green goes! Eye shadow, lipstick, products, etc.
21. Best beauty advice you've received
          Where do get your beauty advice? Mom? Sister? Friend? What's the best thing you've learned?
22. Recent purchase
          Share your most recent beauty purchase.
23. Can't live without
          Do you have that one product you can't live without? Mascara or maybe a powder? 
24. Fav BB Cream
          What's your favorite BB Cream?
25. Swatches/blush
          Show us some swatches of your favorite blushes!
26. Makeup inspired by a decade
          Get creative and show us a look inspired by your favorite decade! 
27. DIY Beauty recipe
         Have a favorite DIY beauty recipe? Lip balm or hair mask? Share it today. 
28. Last song you listened to
          What's the last song you listened to on your phone, car, etc.
29. Palettes
          Show us your makeup palettes! 
30. Share your fav beauty accts
         Share some of your favorite beauty accounts that you follow. Don't forget to tag them! 
31. FBF (Flash back Friday) 
          Share a flashback pict of yourself! 

So there you have #31daysofbeauty for July. I hope you will participate or search the hashtag so you can see what everyone is posting! Have fun!! 

Friday, June 26, 2015

Nicole Guerriero Inspired look (ELF Prism palette)

Hey guys!
I'm sure you guys are fans of Nicole Guerriero on Youtube, if you aren't go watch some of her vids, she's awesome. I was inspired to re-create one of her looks using my ELF Prism Palette. She used Makeup Geek and Anastasia Beverly Hills shadows but I chose to use drugstore brands. I loved the way this looked but I was really impressed at how bright the yellow shadow from the Prism palette came out. I did also use it with their glitter primer but you could use any glitter glue or adhesive you have.

So this is the Prism palette in "naked", ELF does have other shades of this palette if you're not into the neutrals. 

ELF Prism palette in naked

Here are the swatches in natural day light. They are really shimmery/glittery. This is without any type of primer. 

ELF Prism palette in naked

Close up: I used the orange from my Wet n Wild trio in Sun-Set to See and Maroon/berry color from my Coastal Scents Revealed 2. If you want to see some other tutorials I did with my Revealed 2 palette, check out my Instagram or check HERE. The lid shade is the Gold from the ELF Prism Palette which I also heard was a dupe for the Makeup Geek Foiled eye shadow in Magic Act- the same one Nicole uses in her video. Super easy and came out really pretty. 

Summer/golden eye look using the ELF prism palette

Here's a comparison- what do you guys think? Pretty similar right? And this was all with drugstore products! I also used the Jordana Twist and Shine balm in Terra Crave on my lips. These lip balms are awesome. They stain a bit and all of them are really comfortable on the lips! 

ELF Prism palette

Who are some of your favorite YouTubers? Let me know in the comments below so I can check them out!

Coastal Scents Hot Pots (Swatches/mini review)

Hey guys!
So I bought these Coastal Scents Hot pots a few weeks ago while they had their .99 cent sale and I love these! I don't know why I didn't try these sooner! (By the way, they call them hot pots, they are just single eye shadows.)I do have other stuff from them like their Revealed palettes, which I love, but I really wish I had tried these like 3 years ago.

So I have been playing around with these and posted a few looks on my Instagram but wanted to do a mini review and show you these swatches. First of all, they have like over 300 colors so it was hard to choose just these 12 but I tried to get colors that I did not have in my collection or that had different finishes. They do have so many gorgeous colors though.

Coastal Scents Hot Pots

So I ended up getting 5 mattes and 5 shimmery ones. Like I said, they had so many so I just put a ton in my cart and sorted it later.

I swatched all these in natural sunlight with no primer. 

Coastal Scents Hot Pots Swatches

Coastal Scents Hot Pots Swatches

I haven't used all of them yet but quite a few. I love all of them, the purple (deep grape) color actually stained my lids a pink color even after I washed it off! For the most part, these are all really pigmented. I was kind of disappointed in the two chocolate colors as I thought those would be the darkest but other than that, I really love all of them. I plan to get a whole bunch more. If you haven't tried these yet, I suggest you do. They are really smooth and don't leave a bunch of fall out.

I used Elven blue and Electric blue here with a bit of blue mascara.

Here I used Bright copper and Black Berry for a halo effect. 

The best part is that these come in metal pots so you can easily add them to any Z Palette. Coastal scents does sell their own palettes for these. I went the cheaper route and bought a magnetic craft case at Joanns. It's similar to this one, a type of sewing case, works really well and holds them in place.

Has anyone else purchased these? What colors should I get next? Let me know what you guys think. Don't forget to follow me on Instagram, I post a lot of different looks on there! : )

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Tried and Tested Tuesday (Baby wipes vs makeup remover cloths)

Hey guys! 
Welcome back to another Tried and Tested Tuesday. My sister actually gave me the idea for this and I was really curious to do it as well. If you're like us and have little ones around, you probably have baby wipes everywhere. I keep at least one pack in each room of our house and usually in my purse as well. The kids are always getting into something so it's just easier to keep them handy. So she wanted me to try this out and I thought it would be perfect for my tried and tested series. How many of you use makeup remover wipes/cloths? I personally don't so I had to go out and purchase a few to test but if you do, you'll want to read on and see if the results of this showdown will help you save a few $$.

Ok so here is my before. Sorry for the sleepy eyes, first day of summer vacation with two boys was exhausting! lol. 

I first used one of the Neutrogena makeup remover towelettes on the right side of my face (your left). I heard these were really good that's why I chose them.

Neutrogena makeup remover towelette

Neutrogena makeup remover towelette

So you can see that it did work pretty well to remove everything but it did leave a film on my skin that I hated. 

Onto Huggies simply clean baby wipes. These are the only brand of wipes I buy so this is what I tested. I personally love these for my kiddos but you know, personal preference and whatnot. 

Huggies baby wipes vs Neutrogena makeup remover towelette

Here's are the results. I'd say the baby wipe worked just as well if not better to remove all of my makeup but did not leave that same residue. I use a toner after I wash my face and it will usually remove any additional makeup/dirt/oil (that I can actually see on a cotton pad) so I did the same thing after trying this. I was really surprised at what it picked up or didn't actually- on the half of my face that I used the baby wipe on. There wasn't much left on my skin which was nice. 

I only used one wipe and one towelette. 

Huggies baby wipes vs Neutrogena makeup remover towelette

The verdict? Baby wipes all the way! Even if you don't have children, you should go out and get yourself some wipes right now! I purchased the Neurtrogena towelettes for $1.97 at my local Target which came with 7 pre-moistened towelettes (in the travel section). The bigger package is $4.79 for 25 wipes.I usually purchase the Huggies Simply Clean baby wipes at Target as well for $1.97 but they come with 72 wipes in a single package. This is a no brainer here. I know many people that use baby products in place of beauty products like baby shampoo or creams because they are gentle but this is really a good idea if you're looking to cut some costs and save a few dollars. 

The baby wipes removed the makeup better, left my face feeling completely clean and are gentle even for people with sensitive skin! They come in 72 to a package so even if you were to use one a day, you'd still only be spending around $10/yr. If you're one that uses makeup remover wipes on the daily, I'd suggest trying the baby wipes for a while and see how you like them. No harm in saving a few bucks, am I right? 

I hope this helped some of you, it was a fun tried and tested for me to do. If you have any suggestions on what I should test next, leave me a comment or get in touch with me through my social media. Thanks for reading! 

Friday, May 22, 2015

Rice Water Bright Cleansing Light oil (The Face Shop) Review

Hey guys!
Sorry for lack of posts, El hubbs had some time off last week which is rare so we hung out for a few days. Well anyway, a while ago I posted this on my Instagram and have now had a chance to really try it out and give you guys some feedback. So I bought this on Amazon after seeing it on Pinterest somewhere. This is from The Face Shop and it's called Rice Water Bright Cleansing Light Oil and on Amazon, it's around $11.00 right now. If you click the link, you can read more about what's in it but basically it's a cleansing oil and because of the detoxifying ingredients, it's good for oily skin. I consider myself combo/oily so I figured I'd give this a try. 

The Face Shop Rice Water Cleansing light oil

Here are the ingredients I found off of Amazon: 

The Face Shop Rice Water Cleansing light oil

First, let me say I'm not a huge fan of cleansing oils. I have tried different oils (almond oil, grapeseed oil) and even the Garnier Cleansing oil on my face and have had no success with them. I am not a skincare expert but anytime I try and use oil on my face, I break out very badly. I have had success with coconut oil but that's about it. So I wasn't sure if this product was gonna be good for me but I was willing to try it anyway. 

Surprisingly, this did not break me out and is actually a really nice product. It is heavily scented so if you are not a big fan of scented/perfume type of person, skip this one. I have been using this in the evening to remove my makeup and clean my face. I will put a few pumps into my hand and massage it all over my face and neck then jump in the shower and add some water and rinse it off. I follow it up with a regular facial cleanser/scrub. I have also used this in the morning, just massaging all over and then rinsing with warm water. 

The thing I love about this, is that it is super moisturizing. You know when you wash your face with anything your skin usually feels tight and dry when you're done? This doesn't give you that feeling. Your skin feels super soft and moisturized. No dry feeling at all. I will say that it does irritate my eyes a bit, I think it's the scent that causes that but it't not like super burning, just got soap in my eye type of feeling. It just stings a bit but you don't have to use it on your eyes if you don't want to. I like to really use it to remove my mascara and eye makeup so that's why I rub it all over but you should use it how you want. 

I really do like this oil, and even though I have oily skin, I wouldn't say this makes it feel more oily or anything. It almost feels like a facial oil that you should leave on your skin. It's really light and absorbs well which I think it why your skin still feels good even after you wash it off. : ) 

If you're interested, Amazon does have other products like this one- a Rich oil for dry skin, foaming cleansers, cleansing milk, etc. Check it out. I really like this and will hopefully be able to try out some other products from this company. If you're like me and have not had any luck with cleansing oils, try this one, I promise you will love it. Til next time...

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

MOTD (Makeup of the Day) using the BH Cosmetics Dark Rose Palette

Hi guys!
 Just wanted to share with you my MOTD. I used my BH Cosmetics Dark Rose palette, you can see my review on it HERE. I only used three of the shades to create this camo type of eye look. I really love this olive green shade in the palette and I paired it with the ELF Studio Lip Stain in Bombshell.  This foundation is really nice, it's the Maybelline Fit me Matte + Poreless. I have the original and this matte one is great as well. It gives light/medium coverage and stays matte for most of the day on me- I have fairly oily skin. My mascara is the Almay One Coat Triple Effect mascara. This is by far one of my favorite all time mascaras- go try it if you haven't! I just recently posted my top 5 mascaras so go check that out. My blush is from the ELF Studio Blush Palette (Light). This palette is only $6.00 on their website or now available at Target. You need this in your life, trust me! 

Camo eye look using BH Cosmetics Dark Rose palette

Camo eye look using BH Cosmetics Dark Rose palette

What are your favorite drugstore products to wear daily? Do you guys go all out or like to keep it simple? I really love this as it can be pretty natural for day time. Until next week...

Friday, May 8, 2015

New Rimmel Keep calm and lip balm Swatches/Review

Hey everyone!
Just wanted to do a short post on these new Rimmel Keep Calm Lip Balms. I found these at Wal-mart for a little over $2.00 but I am not sure where else they are being sold as of right now. I have not seen them at my local Walgreens or Target. Let me know if you've spotted these else where or if you've purchased them. So these are the new Rimmel lip balms, they come in 4 different shades, clear as well, and are really similar to the Maybelline Baby Lips. The two I picked up are Rose blush (030) and Violet blush (050). 

Rimmel keep calm and lip balm in Rose blush and Violet blush

Rimmel Keep calm and lip balm

I was really hoping these would be pigmented from what they looked like in the packaging but was a bit disappointed. Here are swatches of the two. They seem to have more color swatched on my arm than on my lips. If you have really pigmented lips, these won't give enough color for you. 

Rimmel Keep calm and lip balm swatches
Here is Violet blush on top and Rose blush on bottom. These are shown in natural sunlight.

So like I said, these are really similar to the Maybelline Baby lips, I reviewed a few of those a while back if you'd like to read my review HERE. I'm sure most of you have tried the baby lips before, they are a slick lip balm with a bit of tint to them. These Rimmel lip balms are really the same. They feel the same on the lips and give a slight tint of color. Really good for on the go when you just need a bit of moisture. I am not a huge fan of the baby lips because they don't give enough moisture for me but if you like them, you'll like these. Wear time is about the same, just like a chap stick. The only difference really is that they don't smell as good as the baby lips. They don't really have any scent to them. Overall, not my personal favorite but if you like the baby lips, gives these a try. : )